Fence Repairs

Patch Up the Holes in Your Perimeter Fencing

Patch Up the Holes in Your Perimeter Fencing

Let us know when you need fence repairs in Kinder, LA

If your fence has been damaged, reach out to A Better Fence Company. We can get everything patched up right away with our fence repair services. By the time we're done, your fence will look as good as new. We can repair metal, wood and chain-link fences, replacing small sections as well as bracing fences for high winds.

Call 337-304-7310 now to ask about the fence repairs we do in Kinder, LA.

Know when it's time to replace your fence

When you need a fence replacement, you can rest assured that we'll get the job done right. If it looks like fence repairs won't be enough to cut it, we'll let you know right away and go over the process of replacing your fence. In general, we recommend you replace your fence if:

  • The boards are rotted
  • You've already had to repair your fence multiple times
  • There are large holes in multiple places
  • You're remodeling your backyard
  • You want a different height for your fence

Contact us today to schedule your fence replacement in Kinder, LA.